Thursday, July 20, 2017

Create Space for People, Teams and Organizations to Win

Over the past several years, I have appreciated the value achieved when applying lean and agile principles. Some of the positive outcomes we achieved

  • Better deliverables. Happier customers
  • Motivated people and teams
  • Better decisions
  • More people making decisions
  • People and teams owning problems and outcomes
So as a leader, these are great outcomes. These alone could be the motivation for why I or anyone else would pursue applying and practicing lean/agile principles.

A few years ago, I was working through an organizational growth problem. It was hard, messy, and political. It fit the phrase I use a lot: "It would be easy if it was not for all the people." So why do it. It was in this meeting the tag line came to me on why I do it.

Create space for people, teams, and the organization to win.

This phrase anchored a forward looking position for me that was bigger than the current situation. The book Remarkable expands on this further with the concept of value creation. In all things, look for outcomes that provide value to all involved. It represents the essence of being a servant leader.

Life is short. Take on an abundance mentality. Look to create success and value for those around you.